The Andreas Moritz Light Trust is a non-profit foundation created in 2013 in honor of Andreas and his time-honored kindness, generosity of spirit, profound wisdom, far-reaching teachings and life-transforming insights that have helped countless people around the world.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the special edition book, Art of Self-Healing, will be donated to the Andreas Moritz Light Trust. Click here to order.

Recipients of assistance from the Andreas Moritz Light Trust will be selected based on need, regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, geography, cultural background, gender or age.

The goal of the Andreas Moritz Light Trust is to provide meaningful, much-needed assistance to children around the world who have no parents – including nutritious food, healthy and safe living conditions, holistic education, compassionate care and enriching spiritual opportunities.

Charitable Support Provided in 2017

We are very grateful to report that in 2017 the Andreas Moritz Light Trust provided focused, natural wellness assistance to children without parents in Syria, Tanzania and Viet Nam.

These heart-centered projects were made possible thanks to charitable donations from individuals in different parts of the world, augmented by proceeds from the sale of Andreas’ beautiful, inspiring book, Art of Self-Healing, an energy-healing art modality.

A charitable grant awarded to Syrian Orphans is being directed toward making positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged orphans affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria, which continues to present a critical call to action. Support is focused on providing displaced Syrian orphans with basic necessities, such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

Syrian Orphans 1 Syrian Orphans 2

The second grant of the year was awarded to The Baobab Home in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. This small, nurturing, family-run home for children without parents also received financial support in 2016 from the Andreas Moritz Light Trust. Incremental funding in 2017 focused on the children’s wellness through educational support and enhancement, as well as providing for everyday needs. This included weekly yoga instruction, natural fiber hammocks for reading and connecting, well-constructed shoes for protection when walking, school backpacks and nutritious, vegetarian food.

Tanzania Orphans 1 Tanzania Orphans 1 Tanzania Orphans 1

The third charitable grant in 2017 was awarded to Viet Dreams for the provision and installation of a drinking water filtration system in an orphanage, Dong Hoi SOS Village, in Quang Binh Vietnam. This is providing much-needed clean, potable water to 120 orphans, ages 12–18.

Vietnam 2 Vietnam 1

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Charitable Donations

Your contribution will give children without parents opportunities for a brighter future. We want you to know that we are very conscientious about keeping administrative costs to an absolute minimum. In fact, over 99% of the charitable donations received are directed toward projects supporting the children.

All charitable donors (individuals, groups, companies and organizations) will receive a receipt from the Andreas Moritz Light Trust, a non-profit foundation with 501(c)(3) designation in the USA, that a bona fide tax-deductible charitable donation has been made in the USA and, therefore, can be applied to one’s tax return in the USA (acknowledged by the Internal Revenue Service as a legitimate charitable deduction).

Since we are not aware of the specific rules or policies that apply to tax-deductible charitable contributions in other countries (outside of the USA), we recommend that you please consult with your tax advisor or accountant for insight into this for the country in which you live.

Donations by Check, Money Order or Cash

Charitable donations in the form of checks or money orders are to be made out to: Andreas Moritz Light Trust.

Please mail your charitable donation, in the form of a check, money or cash, to the following address:

Andreas Moritz Light Trust
P.O. Box 337
Landrum, SC 29356

Donations with PayPal